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4.9 stars: Over 100,000 Healthier Customers

Scoby wird von zwei Haenden ueber Glasschuessel gehalten Holzhintergrund


What is a SCOBY? All information about Kombucha Scoby!

Scoby sounds a bit like a wonderful mythical creature from a fantasy world. In fact, this is the Kombucha culture. What does the name stand for exactly? How do Scobys work in detail? How do I grow my own little mushroom and many more answers to your questions about the miracle mushroom can be found here!

First things first: What actually is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink with a centuries-old tradition. With the help of the scoby - also known as the kombucha mushroom - tea, sugar, water and a starter liquid are transformed into a delicious drink. The Scobys with their many small microorganisms and their enzymes do a great job within 7-14 days. At the end of fermentation , a liquid with four simple ingredients becomes a soft drink full of healthy nutrients and other microorganisms. Kombucha, for example, contains various organic acids, vitamins and trace elements . Would you like to find out more about the topic and microorganisms? You can find more detailed information about kombucha on our KOMBUCHERY blog .

: FAQs about Scoby and Kombucha How long does it take to breed my own Scobys? Depending on the condition

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